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    The Advantages of Tax-Deferred Savings

    With MaineSTART, more of your money is working for you instead of going toward taxes. The following shows the benefits of tax-deferred savings and how catching up can be costly.

         ••••►  Advantages of Tax-Deferred Savings

      The Cost of Playing Catch-Up


    Take the First Steps

    • 1

      Define your long term goals. Having a picture of where you want to be when you retire is the first step to getting there.
    • 2

      Assess your financial situation. Once you have an idea of what you want for the future, take a good look at your financial outlook. Are you investing in the future now? How much can you afford to put away?
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      START today! Make that step towards saving more for your retirement. Start by signing-up with MaineSTART today!.